Is RCS truly the future of texting? Let’s find out

Is RCS truly the future of texting? Let’s find out

Today, we look at RCS and is it truly the future of texting like Google wants us to believe.

Short Messaging Service or SMS, has been around for decades, and was the undisputed champion once upon a time too.

Soon, RCS may take that mantle.

It is after all, considered the future of texting.

What is RCS Texting?

Here comes a new challenger!

Rich Communication Service or RCS is the future of texting.

As the name suggests, this service adds much more of a rich experience to text and multimedia messages.

What we’re looking at is higher image & video quality, read receipts etc.

Um.. What’s special about RCS?

Ok! to make this a bit more clear, look at instant messaging, like Facebook Messenger and or WhatsApp.

For instance, you can see when somebody reads your messages or is typing, the images shared are of high quality. Furthermore, that and more can be expected from RCS.

Basically, regular SMS is getting a major upgrade form the yesteryears. It will turn texting into more of a full chat experience- provided both parties are using the service.

So it’s like iMessage ?

Yes, kind of, as Apple already does this with their own proprietary system requiring everyone to be on the same phone and OS, however, RCS will work across devices and network carriers.

And RCS support is not available, SMS will be the default format ensuring no message loss.

Wow ! When will RCS texting be available?

Here is a bit of a caveat. It is a bit hard to pinpoint but Google has been working hard to get this to as many users as possible.

Google has been working with carriers and manufacturers around the world to ensure it is baked into their devices.

Many users have reportedly, seen the pop up even show on their devices to check out RCS and how to enable it.

Either way, we are getting closer to the days where RCS will just be the norm.

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