How to Mute Unwanted Fleets on Twitter

How to Mute Unwanted Fleets on Twitter

Fleets are Not Everyone’s Cuppa Tea!

Fleets are a brand new way to use Twitter or so they say. However, not everyone seems to enjoy this ‘new’ feature on the same level. In that case, if you’re one of those people, learn how to mute unwanted fleets on Twitter.

But before we do that we should start with the basics given that this is a ‘new’ feature for Twitter…

What Exactly is a Fleet?

Fleets are disappearing tweets that disappear after 24 hours, much in the same vein as Instagram Stories. Anything consisting from a video, a text, a retweet or an image can be a fleet.
Much like on Instagram or Facebook Messenger, fleets appear at the top of your screen on Twitter. You can identify a seen vs unseen fleet by whether or not a blue ring appears around it.

Muting Fleets You Don’t Wish to See

If you don’t wish to see fleets from a particular account, you can mute them. It’s important to note that you can only mute a fleet from someone that’s recently posted one.

To begin just tap and hold on the bubble whose fleet you wish to mute. This will bring up a small pop up with 2 options.


Then, from here tap on “Mute” option and it should pop up a confirmation on whether you wish to mute fleets or both fleets as well as tweets.


Here tap on “Mute Fleets” if you wish to mute just fleets from the account in question.

Your selected account should now have muted fleets and you will not see them at the top of your screen on Twitter. The person/page won’t be notified about this, and it’ll be indefinite, until you decide to reverse it.

Speaking of which, if the account/page you’ve muted is by accident, you might wish to reverse it. In such a case, simply navigate to the account’s page on Twitter. Under the description of the page, you’ll find the option “You have muted fleets from this account” followed by an “unmute” button.


Tap “unmute” in order to once again view fleets from the account on Twitter.

With these simple steps, you can learn how to mute unwanted fleets on twitter. Follow us for more informative guides right here on Geeksgod!

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