How to Disable Welcome Experience Pop Up

How to Disable Welcome Experience Pop Up

A small guide on how to disable Welcome Experience after Windows 10 updates

Today, we will be looking at how to turn off or disable the Welcome Experience after Windows 10 updates.

What is Welcome Experience pop up?

Good question! Users will sometimes notice a “Welcome Experience”, when they log in. However, it also, shows up for users been on Windows for a long time.

What it basically means is that Windows 10 shows users a kind of “tip” showcasing new features just installed. Users are greeted with this pop up, however, when they log in resulting in an annoyance rather than a highlight.

Do I really need to see it?

No! You do not, in fact, that is what we will be looking at today, is how to turn it off, so users can get to their work quickly without having to worry about this pop up getting in the way.

First, hit “Start” and then followed by Settings the “Gear” looking icon or hit “Windows+I”.

Inside “Settings”, hit “System” option.


From “System”, select “Notifications & actions” from the list.


Now, on the “Notifications & actions” screen, uncheck the box that says “Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates and occasionally when I sign in to highlight what’s new and suggested.”


That’s it ! Now users will not be annoyed when logging in after an update with the Welcome Experience pop-up.

If users wish to learn about new features and updates installed with Windows Update, they can follow the same steps to turn this feature on, if it is not on already. Then users will get update highlights letting them know about new features introduced with any update.

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