DXC Technology Hiring Database Administrator

DXC Technology Hiring Database Administrator

Associate Professional Database Administrator

Company: DXC Technology

Location: Hyderabad

Exp: 1+ Years

DXC Technology Hiring Database Administrator
DXC Technology Hiring Database Administrator

Essential Job Functions:
Monitors database activity and file usage, and ensures necessary resources are present so that databases function properly by removing or deleting old or obsolete files. Develops data retrieval queries and optimizes data queries within programs for performance for performance and maintainability. Determines data to collect and analyzes information as appropriate.
Analyzes and determines informational needs and elements, data relationships and attributes, proposed manipulation, data flow and storage requirements and data output and reporting capabilities.
Assists development teams in defining logical attributes and inter-relationships and assists in designing data structures to accommodate database production, storage, maintenance and accessibility to enhance performance.
Tests designed applications utilizing database management software or general programming software to enhance performance.
Installs, implements and supports systems within user base; creates and updates database installation instructions and design changes for client use.
Installs new systems or new releases of database systems; determines table attributes, primary, and alternate keys for multiple databases. Installs and upgrades hardware and software as necessary to enhance database performance. Researches various hardware and software products; recommends solutions and implements approved products.
Utilizes standard corporate tools to record change and problem activities for tracking purposes.

Basic Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
Bachelor’s degree in computer science, management information systems, or related field preferred
Zero or more years of experience in database design, administration, or maintenance
Experience working with software installation/upgrading procedures
Experience working with multiple logical entity modeling techniques
Experience working with database creation techniques
Experience working with relational databases

Other Qualifications:
Good analytical and problem solving skills
Good programming skills for database management and general software
Good communication skills for providing documentation to support personnel, customers, and managers
Good technical infrastructure design skills
Ability to work in a team environment
Willingness to travel

Experience needed:
1+ Years

Hyderabad, IN

Requisition ID: 51277476

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